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About Us

Wild and Dark Earth (WiDE) is a Public Charitable Trust formed in 2022 to address light pollution and conserve nocturnal habitats. We are a team of Scientists, conservationists, wildlife photographers, filmmakers, artists and storytellers striving to preserve natural darkness. We develop scientific and sustainable solutions to address light pollution through cutting edge research and technology. We monitor nocturnal habitats and study the impacts of artificial lighting. We photograph and map the diversity of fireflies and advise forest departments on conservation mechanisms. We raise awareness on the significance of the dark through outreach programs showcasing the wonders of the dark and the ill effects of losing it. We are committed towards a wild and dark earth.

A naturally dark place is also a naturally wild place. Let’s save the dark.

Our Mission

To conserve and restore darkness through sustainable and environment friendly lighting practices.

Our Vision

To develop scientific and conservational aspects to combat light pollution and return thriving nocturnal habitats.

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